How do I give an enemy multiple item rewards?

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Some RPGs such as Final Fantasy II featured enemies (particuarly bosses) with the chance to get more than many different items as part of their spoils, but two is the maximum for one enemy in the OHRRPGCE. So how can we recreate this effect?

It's actually easier than you might think! First off, make your Boss enemy (has the "Boss" bitset turned ON) and formation, and put some item spoils on him if you want. Now, go and create some more enemies using a blank image, and be sure that they:

  • Have no attacks
  • Have the "Untargetable by Heroes" and "Untargetable by Enemies" bitsets ON.
  • Have the "Die Without Boss" bitset turned ON.

Now you can assign each of them their own Item rewards, and it'll seem that the boss dropped them all!

If you just want to give your heroes some quick bonuses for beating a boss (i.e. lots of armor from a Knight boss) you can set all the Item percentages to 100, and dodge the need for plotscripting after battle.