How do I give my hero spells?

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Spells are just normal attacks that you have assigned to one of a hero's spell lists.

the first thing to do when giving a hero spells, is to give names to any of the four spell lists you plan to use. A spell list will not show up in the game unless it has a name. Spell lists are named in the hero editor under name spell lists

Then go to edit spell lists where you can decide if the spell list will be MP based, level-MP based, or random. Then press enter to edit a spell list. you will see 24 -EMPTY- slots. Use the left and right arrows to assign spells to them. Then you can use the < and > keys (period and comma) to change how the spell is learned

Remember that for a hero to learn a spell from an item, you must add that spell to one of his spell lists, and leave it set to learned from item

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