How do I make a healing item?

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  • Create a new attack. In 'Target and Aiming Settings' set the attack to Target Class: Ally, and in the Damage Settings set Damage Math: Pure Damage, Base ATK Stat: 100 and Target Stat: HP. Then change the Extra Damage percentage to get the amount you want; for example -50% to heal 50 HP.
    • Target Class: Ally makes the attack usable on your heroes instead of the enemies
    • Damage Math: Pure Damage prevents defense (or magic defense) from being included in the calculations
    • Base ATK Stat: 100 makes the attack do 100 damage, independent of the abilities of the hero who is using the item. You can raise and lower the damage by changing the Extra Damage, which is a percent of the normal damage
    • Target Stat: HP makes the attack affect HP
  • Go into the Damage Bitsets menu, and turn on Cure instead of harm
  • If you wish the item to heal a precise amount, also turn the Do not randomize damage bitset on
  • Go back to the Bitsets menu in the top-level attack menu, and turn on Useable outside battle
  • Make an item, and assign the cure attack to it as its When used as item and When used out of battle attributes
  • You should also probably make the item Consumed by use

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