How do I make an inn where you can hire heroes?

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You want to make an shop in which you can choose to hire heroes ? Well that's rather simple! Here's the way to follow :

  • Go under custom.exe and edit the shops.
  • Choose a shop you call hiring heroes.
  • then go into Select a shop menu item : active the bitset "hire"
  • then go into "edit available stuff" and add as many shop things as you need (one shop thing = one hero that can be hired)
    • Go on the "type line" and use the left arrow hero 0 should appear.
    • Go just above on the line called number. Choose the hero you want the player to hire.
    • Repeat the operation to make hire several heroes.
    • Then go back on the line with the $ put a price for example 1400.


  1. You can also make hiring a hero using the "trade for " option but I think it would more natural using money.
  2. You should also know that the last line allows you to choose the level of the heroes you make hire so be aware of your main hero's current level when you place this special shop on your game!
  3. Like the items you can choose to have infinite heroes in stock or only one. I think it is more natural to have only 1 hero is stock so that it prevents the player from from hiring the same hero 3 times. When the player has made his(or her) choice you shall alter the npc that were display the text box using the following command alter npc (who, NPCstat:display text,text box number) wait for npc (who) or using a tag so that he can say something different later.
  4. You shall place the shop in your game just like the others shops. Just be aware that most of the time, the player will expect to find the Npc involved in the mercercenary business among the inn customers. Make a text box in which you says "Would you be interested by hiring one my guys?" (or any equivalent) then edit the conditionals and set the option "always go to shop 4 hiring heroes"
  5. Don't forget that if you put more that 3 heroes in the shop they will go to the team menu if there is space and if the caterpilar party is not active you won't be able to have more than 3 heroes with you.
  6. Note that the tags and the use shop (shop:hiring hero) or use shop (2) allow you to make various presentations for this special shop.
  7. To limit the use of the shop use the following command, you can use a simple tag (if you want the shop to be displayed all the time or a global variable).

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