How do I make an intro story thing? (text boxes with backgrounds)

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In order to make a comic-book-style intro with full screen BMP images (without using plotscripting), you just need to chain together a series of text boxes, and give them background pictures. I'll assume you already know how to import BMP backgrounds. (If you dont, read the HOWTO)

Edit the "Box Appearance" of each text box in the intro. Set the "Backdrop" to the number of the background image you want behind the text box. You also may want to play with the position or color of the text.

Link the text boxes together in the text box editor by setting the "next box" value

You can then trigger this sequence with an NPC. If you want the sequence to play as an intro when you start a new game, just make a one-time-use step-on-activated NPC who triggers the first text box in the sequence, and place it on your hero's starting position.

Another good way to make an intro sequence is with plotscripting.