How do I start a talk about an article on the wiki?

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Well that's rather easy but you have to know where to go.

First, go on "recent changes" on the left and check that the article you want to talk about has not been edited recently or if a discussion has already started about it. Discussions appear on the form "talk: the title of the article" If the link exists, click on it and edit the discussion page. Then add your comments and questions. (If other users are already asking questions differents than yours for which there are no answers yet, it may be a good idea to way a little and ask your question later. People who are discussing about the article will be more likely to answer one question at a time.

If you haven't found your article, use the search engine. Once it's done edit it. Then the only thing left to do is to click on "discussion" to create a discussion page. Edit the discussion page and ask your question.

To make communication easier between users, it is strongly recommended to create an account and to include some basic informations such as the name of the game you're working on, your nickname on Castleparadox's forum (if you have one) and your email, on the user:page.

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