I've lost my scripts! How can I get them back?

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Recent versions of the OHRRPGCE include an Export scripts backup copy option in the Script Management menu.

If your game was made with Ypsiliform or newer this will export the .hss script files, fully intact, because HSpeak automatically backs up all the script files into each HS file it creates, which is in turn imported in a game.

(In old versions such as Ypsiliform all the scripts files, including plotscr.hsd, will be combined into one file, and you'll need to manually separate them. More recent versions don't have this problem.)

If your game is older than Ypsiliform, then there is no backup copy of your scripts in the game, and instead Export scripts backup copy will attempt to use the HS Decompiler to recover something functionally equivalent to them (but totally mangled). If you are using Windows, then Export will automatically download the decompiler. If you are using a different operating system, you will have compile it manually, or contact TMC for help.