I click the program and see an error message

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To really get help, you need to know your exact error message, and a description of when and where it happened.

Operating System Error Messages[edit]

If an error message pops up in a separate window, it is probably an operating system error message. Write it down, and report it.

OHRRPGCE Internal Errors[edit]

If your error message is in big letters in a red box on a black screen, then you are looking at an OHRRPGCE internal error. Mostly this includes version warnings and script errors.

  • Unfortunately you cannot copy-and paste these errors, so write them down for reporting. (or take a screenshot)

g_debug.txt and g_debug_archive.txt[edit]

The g_debug.txt file contains errors and warnings for the most recent game you played. g_debug_archive.txt contains a history of errors and warnings for previous play sessions. Sometimes the contents of this file can be useful for bug reports. You don't have to send a copy of it with every bug report, but do be prepared to find it if the developers ask for it.

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