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This article is about the OHRRPGCE FMF project, which is an alternate implementation of the OHRRPGCE for Java mobile phones. Technical implementation details discussed here should not be confused with those of the RPG format

This section of the wiki is intended as a general scratchboard, and as a good place for new OHRRPGCE FMF developers to get some idea what this project is all about, and how it works.

Pages to Look at[edit]

Wiki Page What it contains
XRPG Format Standard OHR games are stored as lumped RPG files, which is a roomy format. The XRPG format was designed to store the same information using 1/16 of the space. This page describes the internals of the (necessarily complicated) XRPG format.
Henceforth VM The OHR runs off the Hamsterspeak scripting system, an imperative, procudural bytecode bound directly to the OHR. To help reduce the size of compiled scripts, the OHRRGPCE FMF uses Henceforth bytecode, which can be automatically cross-compiled from Hamsterspeak. Henceforth is a stack-based programming language. This page describes the virtual machine used to run Henceforth, and other miscellaneous details.
Menu Slices The OHRRPGCE FMF uses a fairly powerful menu system; get an idea how it works (and how to extend it) here.
Plotscripting Status The current status of plotscripting in the OHRRPGCE FMF is fully detailed here. Look here if you're wondering if your script will run or not.