Plan for more flexible stats

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These are the stats which currently exist

extra hits

Each of these (except counter) has pre-defined purposes, And all of them can be used as custom stats for various purposes on an attack-by-attack basis

Some other special stats exist only in battle.

poison register
regen register
stun register
mute register

All stats have a concept of current/maximum values. For HP and MP, curative items or inns are required to reset them. All other stats are reset to their maximums before/after battle. Changes to other stats only persist for the length of a single battle.

The Plan[edit]

  • Promote status registers to first class stats which can (optionally) persist outside of battle. They will have the same IDs 12-15 that are already used in attack data, to minimise headaches.
    • Example: Authors could check poison register in an each-step script for dragon-warrior-style poison.
    • There are a couple undocumented arguments to getherostat in the range 12-15, which need to be handled with a backcompat bit
    • Allow equip to affect status registers
    • Allow enemies to have initial non-zero values of status registers
  • Add a node to general.reld for stat definitions (alternatively have a separate RELOAD file, but I'm not convinced). Draft documentation at: stats.reld
    • Move stat names from STT to stat definitions
    • Move stat caps from GEN to stat definitions
    • Store properties such as:
      • Is stat restored after battle?
      • Is stat restored before battle?
      • Is stat restored in Inns?
      • Is stat zeroed after battle?
      • Is stat zeroed before battle?
      • Is stat zeroed in Inns?
      • Is stat displayed on status screen by default? (Currently this has to be set per-hero)
      • Do you die if you run out of it?
      • Prefer to display as a number or as a meter or as a percent
      • What happens to the "current stat" value when you level up? (Reset to max/keep same value/keep same fraction of max/gain the increase in the max value)
  • Populate the stat definition file with defaults suitable for all the current stats,
  • Update all relevant code that uses stats
    • This could actually be done one-stat-at-a-time for a lower-impact transition and easier testing of the changes (although the overall work might be a little more)
  • Update status screen to enable hideable stats
    • Also implement scrolling on the status screen for when the stats list is too long to fit
  • Update death checking (both inside battle and out)
  • This is a great time to clean up all old code that is still using stat arrays to use stat types instead.
  • Update the attack editor to refer to the stat definition file to determine which stats are available as target stats, base stats, etc.
  • Allow the user to add additional stats
  • All stats should be usable as attack costs

Possible future features[edit]

  • More customizability of how stats are used.
    • make battle speed formula customizable Example: redefine extra hits as a speed multiplier rather than an attack multiplier
  • Define a stat on heroes or enemies that increases with damage, for Limit or rage type attacks
  • Life points, deducted each time the hero dies, like Romancing SaGa series
  • Promote LMP 1-8 to first-class stats, make spell-slot-cost customizable (independent of the attack located in that slot)
  • Change hero's animations based on the value of a stat. This is similar to what already happens with the "weak" frame when HP gets low. This could be used (for example) to indicate when a players "limit" or "rage" stat had reached max.

See Also[edit]

  • Bug #629 -- Custom status effects