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This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

This is the documentation for the old save format. The current format is RSAV

A SAV file consists of binary records of 30000 16-bit INTs (60000 bytes). The number of records varies, but is typically 4 for the for normal save games, or 32 when the F2/F3 quicksave has been used. The records from 5 thru 31 are only accessible via plotscripting,

Integer Offset Data Size Name in-memory storage Notes
0 INT SAV version Always 3 for current games
1 INT current map map
2 INT hero X catx(0) This is relative to the SAV offset in the MAP lump for the current map
3 INT hero Y caty(0) This is relative to the SAV offset in the MAP lump for the current map
4 INT hero direction catd(0)
5 INT random battle counter foep Decremented when you walk, random battle occurs when it reaches zero
6 INT Unused Used to be leader (and I don't remember what that means)
7 INT camera x position mapx Not relative to SAV offset in MAP, but maybe it should be?
8 INT camera y position mapy Not relative to SAV offset in MAP, but maybe it should be?
9-33 INT*25 Money gold& Money converted to a string, and stored as ascii digits, one per INT, with zero-padding on the end (profound shame)
34-138 INT*105 General data gen() Element 0-104 of the global gen() array. (a few elements of this are ignored when loading. See GEN)
139-535 INT*396 Unused Used to contain additional elements of gen()
536-2634 INT*300 NPC x npc().x Current locations and state of NPC instances. see SerNPCL code
INT*300 NPC y npc().y
INT*300 NPC ID npc().id
INT*300 NPC direction npc().dir
INT*300 NPC frame npc().frame
INT*300 NPC x move npc().xgo
INT*300 NPC y move npc().ygo
2635 INT Unused
2636-2762 BIT*2048 tags tag() bit 0 and 1 always zero.
Bit 2-999 are tags
Bit 1000-1999 are one-time-use bits
Bits 2000-2047 are unused
2763-2803 INT*41 hero ID hero() hero ID numbers + 1, or 0 for empty party slots
2804-3304 INT*501 Unused? used to contain an array named a() and danged if I can remember what that was
3305-4452 INT*41*2*14 Hero stats stat() Hero stats. 41 groups of 28 ints for each hero. Current stats 0-13 first, max stats 0-13 next. See stat() for details
4453-4698 INT*41*6 battle menus bmenu() Hero battle menus. 41 groups of 6 ints for each hero
4699-8798 INT*41*4*25 spell lists spell() Hero spell lists. 41 groups of 4 spell lists for each hero. Each spell list contains 24 ints of attack ID numbers and one wasted int at the end of each list.
8799-9126 INT*41*8 level mp lmp() Hero level-MP. 41 groups of 8 ints
9127-11258 INT*41*2*26 Experience exlev&() Hero experience levels stored in the same shameful format as the gold. 41 groups of 2 badly stored numbers of 26 ints each, first current experience then next-level experience. Each number is stored as a string with one ascii char per int, zero padded at the end
11259-11955 INT*41*17 her names name$() Hero names. 41 badly stored strings of 17 ints each. One ascii char per int, zero padded at the end.
11956-14594 INT 8/16 bit inventory magic 0 if the inventory is stored here in 8-bit format. 1 if the inventory is stored at 14800 in 16-bit format
INT*2 Unused (great exploding snakes on toast! Who designed this format! ... or yeah... I did)
INT*198 Inventory 8-bit inventory().num
198 ints with item ID in the low 8 bits and item count in the high 8 bits
INT*38 Unused
INT*198*12 useless item names inventory().text Item names, one ascii char per int. It is a mystery to me why we ever stored these here, since they can be easily re-generated from the other data.
INT*24 Unused
14595-14799 INT*205 Equipment eqstuf() Hero equipment. 41 groups of 5 ints
14800-14999 INT*100*2 Inventory 16-bit first 100 inventory() 100 pairs of 2 ints for the first 100 inventory slots. First item id, second item count. Ther rest of the inventory is stored later.
15000-19999 INT*100*50 Shop stock stock() Shop stock. 50 ints per shop for 100 shops.
20000-20003 BIT*64 Hero locks hmask() Bits 0-40 are locks to prevent swapin/swapout of heroes. bits 41-63 are wasted
20004-20012 INT*9 Caterpillar hero positions catx()
3 sets of 3 ints for the other three heroes in the caterpillar party. x,y,direction
20013-21037 INT*1025 script globals 0-1024 (low 16 bits) global() Low 16 bits of script globals
21038-21059 INT * 22 Vehicle data veh() Current vehicle data (see VEH#Implementation Note)
21060 INT Pic+Pal+Def magic 4444 if the following picture and palette and default weapon data is stored
21061-21306 INT*41*2*3 hero pic, pal, and default weapon stat() Extended hero data. 41 sets of 6 ints, from stat() elements (,,14) thru (,,16) See stat() for details
21307 INT Hbits magic 4444 if the following hero bits data is stored
21308-21512 BIT*41*80 Hero bits nativehbits() Hero bitsets. 41 sets of 80 bits. See DT0
21513-22537 INT*1025 script globals 0-1024 (high 16 bits) global() High 16 bits of script globals
22538-28679 INT*2*3071 script globals 1025-4095 low 16, high 16 pairs in that order global() more globals
28680-29679 INT*500*2 Inventory 16-bit remainder inventory() 500 pairs of 2 ints for the inventory slots 100-599. First item id, second item count.
29680-29999 INT*320 Unused Unused

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