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James Paige: A generic article about dungeons doesn't strike me as a very useful thing to have. What about an article that walks you step-by-step through creating an example dungeon?

James Paige: Again, I do not think an article that talks about dungeons in general terms is useful. A walkthrough of creating an example dungeon could be useful, and would provide the same information in a non-abstract way.

S'orlok Reaves: Since I've been fairly sick recently, I've had time to work on a simple application of Ol' Seventy-One's theory. It's basically a 4-story tower dungeon. I'll use this to fluff up this page w/ some concrete examples (roaming monsters, treasure, locked doors, etc.) tomorrow night.

James Paige: Awesome! ... who is "Ol' Seventy One"?

S'orlok Reaves: Took longer than expected; I'll get more work & scans up soon, & I'll scale down the big images. ALso, "Ol' Seventy-One" would be whomsoever posted the original dungeon article content: