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Bis_Senchi: Could somoene check that there are no mistakes in this article? I've never done attacks like that and I wouldn't like to keep a mistake online...

Bob the Hamster: If you are writing a FAQ article, it helps to keep a copy of custom open editing a test game so you can check yourself as you write-- and you can make screenshots too :) But don't worry, I took care of it :)

Bis_Senchi: Thanks a lot! The article is much more clear now! I've made another on about NotePad++. Feel free to embetter it! I uploaded the picture on the bmp format but I would like to delete them and replace them by new ones : how can I do?

I also embettered "How do I restart my game after the player had lost?" I think the article should be ok now but I hope that I didn't left too much spelling and minor syntax mistakes!