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NeoTA: Re including stuff that belongs in editor docs: Yes. 90% of the multiple-choice options are intuitively obvious. The default option maps to zero. mapping proceeds one,two,three.. in step with the options that you will get if you press left repeatedly. The exceptions are :

Target Stat (this is really messy)

Option menus that support negative values (like tag conditionals, and script # vs textbox #)

The docs for enumerated options should go in the editor docs. The above exceptions -- document them in the lump docs.

TMC: You mean, don't even add that a value of 0 = Normal sell type if that is you might guess from custom? I think that that should go here, I was talking about documenting what each selectable option does (What Aquire Inventory does exactly isn't immediately obvious to me). THAT should definitely go in the editor docs, but they aren't written yet.