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Mike: Hey, wait a minute... .PT6 Can't be the weapon graphics. Look at this listing from Wander.rpg:

05/29/2005  02:47 PM            51,200 WANDER.PT0
05/29/2005  02:47 PM            13,872 WANDER.PT1
05/29/2005  02:47 PM            23,750 WANDER.PT2
05/29/2005  02:47 PM            41,600 WANDER.PT3
05/29/2005  02:47 PM           100,800 WANDER.PT4
05/29/2005  02:47 PM             9,216 WANDER.PT5
05/29/2005  02:47 PM           255,000 WANDER.PT6

If .PT6 IS the weapon graphics, then there's... 442 weapon graphics in Wandering Hamster. Likely? Nay, says I! I shall investigate...

Mike's Addendum: Ok, I think that's right...

S'orlok Reaves: I had a very hard time figuring out how to load the PT lumps, so I clarified with some diagrams. Let me know if this clears things up, or muddles them.

Mike C.: Seems pretty good to me.

Bob the Hamster: Looks great! Not sure why you chose to put a green border in there, but the illustrations to really help convey the layout of the data. Good work.