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raekuul:Wouldn't this involve using Globals?

Bob: Nah, this is pretty simple actually. Any attack usable outside battle that targets a stat other than HP and MP is permanent You don't even need plotscripting. Permanently boosting HP and MP requires only the set hero stat command

Actually, what happens is that the targeted hero's current HPs or MPs will exceed their maximum amount. They can retain this bonus HP, and even suffer damage as though it were normal HP too! Once their current HP drops below their maximum however, the temporary effect is lost. A far better way using scripts would be to do something like this:

 #This script is short, and to the point.
 #It will bring up a pickbox to choose the hero, then add 10 points to that hero's HP!
 #Just be sure to link it to a textbox, and have an item call that textbox when used in the field.
 Add To Stat ((pickhero),stat:HP,10)

This can also be modified to create items that permanently raise any hero's stats, amoung other things.

scardpoopoo i just took this from something from the faq. I didn't write any of this myself.