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Mike: Aaah, Zelda's not an RPG. It is a "Role Playing Game", but that's not what RPG means. RPG is a specific term which means, more or less, a game where the character(s) have statistics which determine their performance. Castlevania (and it's decendants) are more like RPGs than Zelda... Zelda games have no statistics, outside of health.

jsh: I said it was debatable, and the reason Zelda is important to the genre is that its combination of puzzle elements with others has become a staple in game design.

Mike: True enough. Ok, I'm satisfied.

Iblis: You say that Mother 2 was the first RPG set in modern times. This is untrue. Mother was also set in modern times and, obviously, came before its sequel.

jsh: Ah! You do have a point. Sorry, I shouldn't have used absolutes. *editting*