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Hello, I'm Caseylocke J (because I thought Captain Caiman was a long name,) responsible for Wineskin-ing the Hamster Whisper.exe for Mac, and proud of using and developing my own RPG game using OHRRPGCE, only since last year (August 2011, to be exact.) I enjoyed basic programming, handling pixel art, and most importantly, character, plot, and setting design.

Residing in the Philippines, I took my interest in gaming, limited to the genre of MMORPGs. Eventually, I go for the RPGs, because that's were all best MMORPGs stem from! 'm here to have some learning experience about game programming and game design, because that's where I first began, and will enjoy in the future!

Right now, here are links that are related to my conceptual art, an RPG game (thanks to OHRRPGCE, in 'alpha' stage, entitled; "Operation Fyrestorm," v3.11.) and a useful plotscripting exe-now-turned-app for Mac!