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Fnrrf Ygm Schnish (fuh-NURF YIG-um SCHNISH): A series of seemingly-unpronouncable and easily-misspelled nonsense words I made up around 1998 or so.

Often known as "Fnrrf" for short around these parts.

Note that it's spelled "F-N-R-R-F." One N, two Rs, in that order. It's not Fnrf, Frnrf, Frrnf, Fnnrf, Fnerf, FNAF, Fenrif, Frank, Fred, or Frick.

I make sound effects with SFXR sometimes when I'm bored, as you might notice from the Free Sound Effects page. A decent chunk of the OHR's "default" sound effects (everything from EnemyDeath to Powerup in the battle category, and then everything from CreepyNoise to Oddbounce in the misc. category) were actually made by me. So when you see my games using a lot of default sound effects, it's not because I couldn't make my own... those ARE the ones I made.

I've also made a huge chunk of 8-bit-style graphics, which I released as free-to-use graphics for anyone who wants them. I may end up making a game with them myself at some point too, of course.

Current game projects[edit]

At the moment I'm working on three long-running game projects, though I've always got at least a few other ideas bouncing around and maybe some of them might even get made at some point! These are the most likely ones to get updates in the not-too-distant future, though.


Teekee is a game about a fat goofy gray cat and his various adventures. Featuring branching paths through the story, leading to several different endings! (...though right now there's only one "good" ending and one "bad" ending reachable.) Will the cat find his way home? Will the German pig's Bierfest be ruined? What are the sketchy crocodile businessman's plans? Will the bird become the new mascot for Bug Bran? Will the octopus ever start a successful rap career? What the heck is up with those big-headed aliens? Play the game and you'll find the answers to... at least some of these questions, maybe.

Currently Teekee is considered to be unconnected to any of my other games... though it's possible I may change my mind on that if I ever come up with an idea that works better if the world of Teekee overlaps with the world of one of the other games.

The real Teekee (as featured on the title screen) is sadly no longer with us as of February 2019, and I'm determined to finish this game in his honor. At some point. It's just difficult to gather up enough motivation to make much progress sometimes... but the game will be finished someday.


The latest in the line of games with "Fnrrf Ygm Schnish" in their titles, Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School takes place in a fictionalized version of my old high school. When the third power outage of the week suddenly hits in the middle of third block, things at Alleghany High School near Covington, Virginia start to go a little screwy... well, a little screwier than usual, anyway. Giant bugs creeping out from cracks in the walls, phones getting no signal, a suspicious announcement from the principal (who immediately vanishes afterward)... and that's just the beginning.

FYS:AHS takes place in the same universe as Okédoké. There's even a few characters (and a few randomly encountered enemies) who appear in both games! There's also a connection to the First Nherbi (the universe of Bok's Expedition), but since the game hasn't reached the point where that connection is revealed yet, I won't say anything more about that here.

I'm pretty confident that I will get this game completely finished someday. I've been working on it a bit recently, after playing through the currently available demo and catching a few bugs that I'd missed previously, and am currently finishing up an optional boss's associated cutscenes and starting on the maps of the caves located below the "underschool tunnel" area, which connect to the next couple of important areas to the game's story.


Puckamon is a Pokémon tribute/parody/something-like-that, all the way down to the original Game Boy green palette. Your Gym Leaders include a cereal mascot, an anime character, a well-known (notorious?) furry OHR user, and a creepy fat dude I went to high school with. Adolf Hitler is a catchable monster found on the bottom floor of a cave shaped like a giant swastika. There's a Russian criminal organization named Team Sputnik, with agents Jessinova and Jamesnikov regularly appearing. The professor at Mallet Town is literally named "Tree," and he has a bad Potion-guzzling habit and writes wacky conspiracy-theory books about how a pink cat is the creator of everything. There's a Jigglypuff who sings along with a stereotypical French man. That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. It's silly, but generally pretty PG-rated -- not a "Fukémon/Cokémon" style parody with drugs, sex, and cursing galore.

Puckamon is its own thing, unconnected to any of my other games.

Currently, the only thing stopping me from working on Puckamon is the reserve party size. With a maximum of 38 heroes, it's going to be very easy to reach the limit if you're the sort of player who's "gotta catch 'em all" -- or worse, the sort of player who catches multiples of the same species for some reason. If the game was complete, hitting the limit would not be hard even with the limited Puckadex that currently exists and measures I've already taken to cut down the chances (making Prof. Tree's questions at the start alter availability so you can't actually get every Puckamon, sort of like what different versions of real Pokémon games do.) And going over the limit causes wacky glitches, such as newly captured monsters overwriting your first hero -- meaning you can catch a new Puckamon and Ash will just cease to exist, replaced by your new Puckamon!

Fortunately there is a plan for a larger hero reserve, and once the reserve party size gets expanded I'll probably shift my focus to expanding on Puckamon, too.

Over this past year or so, I've come to really dislike the fact that almost all of the monsters in this game are borrowed from other OHRRPGCE games. While some references might stay in when I continue working on the game (once the hero reserve is expanded), it's likely that most of the monsters won't be characters or enemies taken directly from other games anymore.

Completed games[edit]

Currently I have two completed games (not including the "things we don't talk about" category, of course.)

Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana[edit]

Started in 2009 as part of that year's 8-Bit Contest and finally finished in 2014, Okédoké is the story of El Garbanzo, a masked swordsman from south of the border who heads north in search of any clues about the whereabouts of his father who disappeared 20 years ago. From the dirty, gang-ridden streets of Wrongside, Texas to the Klan-dominated backwoods town of Frogbucket, Alabama to the top secret Pukadonna Federal Penitentiary and beyond, he and his newfound allies will have to fight their way through corrupt cops, common thugs, spooky monsters, mutant cyborgs, and even full-blown supervillains to uncover the truth about El Garbanzo's father... and how his disappearance ties in to a sinister plot that's been going on ever since the late '80s.

Okédoké takes place in the same universe as Alleghany Hell School. There's even a few characters (and randomly encountered enemies) who appear in both games!

Though I'm fond of how Okédoké turned out overall, it's possible that at some point in the future I'll start on a remake of the game -- upgrading the graphics to something more like SNES-style (since the game only barely follows the NES restrictions as-is!), making use of the larger sprites that are possible now, and probably going back and expanding Chapter 1 to include a couple of things that I had wanted to put in when I was just starting the game but didn't have time for due to the contest deadline that the first two chapters were made under. I also have an idea floating around for an optional mega-dungeon with a wacky entry method.

Bok's Expedition[edit]

My most recent (and most recently finished) game, Bok's Expedition was started as part of the 2020 Ridiculous Games Contest ("the 1998 one") and is loosely based on a story I wrote waaaaay back in the elementary school years... around 1997-1998, appropriately enough considering the theme of the contest. It follows the Blurby explorer and mapmaker Bok as he and his crew aboard the spaceship Ummiboro 5 travel to the distant and uncharted planet Ihctogo... though of course, there's more going on than just a simple exploration mission.

Bok's Expedition takes place roughly 2000 years ago, in the First Nherbi. A different universe from FYS:AHS or Okédoké, but still connected.

It's possible that I'll go back at some point and update Bok's Expedition with the full array of "post-1998" features, but this would likely mean restructuring the dungeon levels so they aren't crammed into the same map (or two), so it's probably a ways off. I think I'll take a break from it for a bit and let people have some time to actually play the original version of the game before I start messing with an updated semi-remake!

What's next?[edit]

Well... that's hard to say! 2020 and 2021 (which kinda felt more like "2020, Part 2") have been a bit rough on me and I haven't gotten a lot of work done on any of my various projects since finishing Bok's Expedition. Working on stuff happens in tiny bits at a time, and not very consistently. But hopefully that will change at some point.

Here's some things I've worked on in the past few years and some ideas I've had bouncing around in my head that haven't quite gotten to the "there is an RPG file for this" stage of development. Arranged roughly in order from highest to lowest priority.

  • Final updates to the 8-bit graphics set. I've been gradually adding a bit more stuff to this (some of it is already on this very wiki), and sometime this month when I get a few more hero sprite sets done I'll upload the final updated version. Done as of 1/30/22
  • Finishing FYS: Alleghany Hell School. This is still on the "must finish" list, of course. I've added a bit more stuff into it since the last released version, but definitely not enough to feel good about releasing another version yet.
  • Finishing up Teekee. I've done some tiny bits of work on this game here and there, and definitely still intend to finish it at some point. While it is technically "beatable" in its current state, it was always intended to have multiple endings and currently only one "real" ending is possible (along with one "bad ending" and the standard "just a weird dream" game-over which sends you back to the house with any levels and stats you've gained intact.)
  • Another game starring Frankfurter the soap-eating eel. Definitely not a remake of the original game (like the 2006 attempt was), but rather a completely different game that just happens to have the same main character.
  • A game using my 8-bit graphics set. I started working on one for the previous Heart of the OHR contest, but ended up losing interest part of the way through and never actually released it... though a decent chunk of playable game exists in the file. I'll probably go back to this idea at some point, change some things around, and eventually finish it.
  • Expanding Bok's Expedition to use post-1998 features. Technically I already did a bit of this (attack descriptions and step-on NPCs were used in the complete version), but at some point I'd like to go back and expand the game a little more.
  • Fixing and then finishing Puckamon. Only after the reserve party limit is expanded, of course -- hence being placed at "least priority" on this list, since the limit hasn't been increased yet. But once that happens, I'll start working on fixing up some things I don't like about the current version of Puckamon (removing most of the OHR-game monsters and replacing them with either less-obvious references, Pokémon parodies, or original creatures), expanding the Puckadex with more evolutions and such, and then finishing it.
  • An Okédoké remake. Like Puckamon, there's some things I'd like to change about Okédoké -- but going back to a game that had a "final" release in 2014 and changing a bunch of stuff around seems a bit silly, bug-fixing aside. So at some point (most likely after FYS:AHS and Teekee are done, so I don't have three big projects going at once) I might end up remaking the game.