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My name is JJ Iball, making trips to the opticians a rather hellish affair, I actually find it rather ironic how my online handle is actually the cause of less laughter than my name. I chose the handle NeoSpade due to a combination of love for FF7s strange need to have bahamut 3 times, and poking fun at the character Jack of Blades in Fable 1 and how his voice changed so dramatically from the original to Lost Chapters. In hindsight it's a rather silly handle, but I've grown attached to it.

I've been playing JRPGs since the age of 7, starting with FF8 which without I would have never learned to read properly, and thus holds a very special place in my heart. I'm a man of few words, mainly down to my inability to spell. I have actually started to refer to myself as the "Dog of Misspelling", however I will say that spell checking software is perhaps the best thing to ever happen to me, too bad it'll never do a thing for my grammar and sentence structure.

I do enjoy tongue-in-check and situational comedy, and do try to make jokes should the opportunity arise, for better or worse, so please do bear with me (I like to think that at least a small percentage of my anecdotes put a smile on someone's face).



  • Twined Fate: Legends of Nedaria


Twined Fate: Legends of Nedaria[edit]

I realized that while my projects have all had interesting features and characters in them, they always fall short of being a wholesome experience. Thella was heavy on story, Monolith was packed full of side-content and Legends of Nedaria had length. I made the mistake of trying to make LoN the exact opposite of Thella, which made the characters all seem pretty flat (the game relied on the player having also played Thella to get most of it).

For the past year or so I've been writing up ideas for the game, drawing characters out from older games and even table-top games due to their personalities and back stories being well known to me already. The game itself is a phantom at this moment, I won't do a thing on the game until I've got all the paperwork done.

Progress Report

  • All of the 30+ playable characters have artworks, full biographies and all 4 of their spell lists.
  • Each of the 52 elements have all their spells in them, although I may scrap this system for a less complicated system in the future.
  • The story, which is heavily carried by the characters is in it's 3rd revision, the previous 2 were missing that something.

Procrastination Report

  • I spent roughly 2 months writing all the character bios, these 2 months where separated by 3 months between them.
  • I've only done a few maps, none of these are final.
  • I've spent more time buying different types of paper, pencils and pens for this project then I've spent mapping and drawing for it.
  • So far I've only done 8 sprites all of which are subject to change.
  • In a test rpg file I spent roughly an hour and a half just putting in hundreds of items + descriptions that probably won't even be in the real game!