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Things that are or will be relevant but I haven't figured out where to put them yet[edit]

If you know where these should go, feel free to make a comment on the Discussion page.

  • Much improved palette sort plugin for GIMP (get it from the attachment labeled 'Updated final plugin' in the linked page). This will be included in the 2.10 release, but 2.10 won't happen for a while yet. In the meantime if you are so inclined, you can install it yourself just by copying the file over your current GIMP file (found in your system-wide GIMP plug-ins directory).
  • GPick is an advanced palette editor which I've made a few contributions to. If you're aiming to create a new master palette or significantly alter one, this will help you a lot.

Especially in combination with:

  • Image <-> palette plugins for GIMP (no link currently, I cannot upload plugins to the registry). Converts an image (in OHR master palette style -- one pixel per color, left to right, top to bottom, starting at index 0) to a palette or vice versa. Makes editing your master palettes, especially en mass using eg. Curves tool, and using your master palettes in other apps like GPick, Inkscape, Krita, MyPaint and Scribus, much easier.
  • 16-color palette sorter. Doesn't exist yet, will sort each 16color palette in an RPG using the same options available in the GIMP plugin, and rewrite all the 16-color graphics lumps to use the adjusted indices. IIRC there's a vague prototype in the nohrio testcases file.