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Daokaioshin: Sometimes I just wanna talk about me.

Daokaioshin: No, I don't.

my opinion[edit]

It's nice


James Paige: What the heck? I have no idea how that could have gotten past the spam filter :(

S'orlok Reaves: Is it possible because he used "a href" and normal wiki users use square brackets?

James Paige: No, can't be that, because what the folter actually blocks is http:// ... but now that I look more closely at that spam, I see that the spammer actually wrote http:/ notice that there is only one forward slash after the http: I was very surprised to discover that firefox accepts an invalid url like that. (not that the wiki would have linkified it)

Daokaioshin So much happened while I was gone! (do we fore-sign here rather than dash tildetildetildetilde?)