Windows 9x Notes

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Since Fufluns, the OHRRPGCE once again supports MS-DOS-based versions of Windows: Windows 95, 98 and ME, known as Windows 9x. But there are a few differences.


HSpeak will not run on Windows 95. Also, on Windows 98 you might have various problems if you manually run it from a Command Prompt, but it should work fine when run automatically by Custom.

Test Game[edit]

The Test Game (live previewing) option in Custom is not supported.

Dealing with crashes[edit]

The CrashRpt crash reporter (new in Fufluns) doesn't work on Windows 9x, so you will have to report them manually.


Stuck keys when spawning programs.[edit]

On Windows 9x you will see more temporary Command Prompt windows popping up momentarily than on other Windows versions when using certain editors like the Distribute Game menu. Sometimes a key (especially Enter) will get stuck when this happens. Press the key again to unstick it.

MS-DOS mode troubles[edit]

A misconfigured COMMAND.PIF can make HSpeak ask for activating it in MS-DOS mode only. This doesn't make any sense, your scripts won't compile at all and it can alter AUTOEXEC.BAT in a fatal way, resulting in an infinite restarting loop (which can be undone by booting in Safe Mode and changing it back to default). To avoid that, right click on C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.PIF, select "Properties", section "Program", button "Extended..." and deselect "MS-DOS mode".

Compatibility history[edit]

Windows 9x supported all OHRRPGCE versions up to Beelzebufo (2013) by default. Its successor Callipygous (2016) works only with KernelEx installed and enabled. The next two versions Dwimmercrafty (2017) and Etheldreme (2018) make use of the "localtime64" function, which Windows 9x computers didn't have, so no support there.