Game:Monterey Penguin

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Monterey Penguin
Developer(s) UberSteve (HuckdOnFonix) / Grubbworm
Release date 2000
Genre RPG
Download Download from Castle Paradox
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Monterey Penguin is an early OHRRPGCE game that the OHR community voted as one of the best in the year 2000. Unfortunately, it was never finished.


One day, a penguin named Monterey was playing peacefully in the snow of his arctic home, when he suddenly got captured and shipped to a zoo. On the way there, his cargo crate was mistaken with another, and he was dropped on someone's front porch. To find the way back through plains, caverns and deserts, Monterey gets help from his allies Super Cucumber and Destiny Chicken.


Monterey Penguin became the first game to lead the TOP 30 rankings (September to October 2000), before ending up in second place until May 2001. Back then, it was praised for its plotscripts and its humor.

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