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The OHRRPGCE Top 30 was a vote by the community for their favorite OHR games held (usually) twice a year from 2000 to 2011 by JSH357. After that the community focused more on the Game of the Month and Game of the Year awards.

The original Top 30 lists were included with every release of first OHR Monthly and then Reasonably Septaweekly, and may now be found in the archives of Reasonably Septaweekly. However, the complete results of a number of Top 30 polls conducted between then and Summer 2007 have been lost for all time.

The top-ranked games were not always good. Sometimes, votes were deliberately given to bad games. Also, hypes created big shifts, but not on the long term. Overall, all the games that ended up on top of the list were highly appreciated in the OHR community and some of them can be seen as the best.
A good place to find well-rated OHRRPGCE games is on the Slime Salad Gamelist (sorted by rating).

Winner's History[edit]

Year Time Winning Game Misc.
2019 September Hati's Bizarre Adventure (Charbile) Top 30, by Bird, voting thread, Hati thread on SS
Other votings got more attention.
2013 September Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth (Shizuma & KF Harlock) Top 15, voting resurrected by Meatballsub, voting thread, Spellshard thread on SS
2012 No voting held anymore...
2011 Winter Motrya (JSH357) Web-Archive
2010 No Top 30 voting held due to lack of interest
2009 Winter Wandering Hamster (James Paige) Web-Archive, included the Most Trippy, Surreal OHR Games
Summer Vikings of Midgard (Fenrir-Lunaris) Web-Archive
2008 Summer Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams (FyreWulff & Charbile) Web-Archive, SoJ thread on SS, included Top 5 Best Contest Games
Winter Wandering Hamster (James Paige) Top 20, Web-Archive, included Top 5 Best Stories / Dialogue in an OHR Game
2007 Summer Wandering Hamster (James Paige) Web-Archive, included Top 10 Most Prolific OHR Users Voting, was done by khfan15
2006 No voting was held...
2005 Fall Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams (FyreWulff & Charbile) Recalculaded Results
Summer Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams (FyreWulff & Charbile) Recalculaded Results
Spring Thanksgiving Quest (JSH357) Recalculated Results, may be incorrect, Thanksgiving Quest on SS
Winter Thanksgiving Quest (JSH357) Web-Archive
2004 Fall OHR House (JSH357) Web-Archive, OHR House Season 1 on SS
Summer Trailblazers (Retrogamer) Web-Archive, Trailblazers on CP
February Time Flies (PK-Fortis) Top 15 and Most Anticipated OHR Games, Results, Time Flies on SS
2003 December Genesis (Lucier & sephy99) Top 15, Results, Current version of Genesis on SS, older version of Genesis on CP
2002 October Wingedmene: Part One (Komera) Results, Wingedmene on CP
August Wingedmene: Part One (Komera) Results
2001 Winter Fantasy Under a Blue Moon X (White Owl) Results, FUABMX on CP
Summer Wandering Hamster (James Paige) Results
Spring Arfenhouse!!!1 #!!!!1 (Misteroo) Results, Arfenhouse on CP
2000 November Monterey Penguin (UberSteve & Grubbworm) Results, Monterey Penguin on CP
October Monterey Penguin (UberSteve & Grubbworm) Results
September Monterey Penguin (UberSteve & Grubbworm) First Top 30, Results

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