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Who is he?[edit]

Fenrir-Lunaris is "Furry" and an OHRRPGCE game creator, who has been working with the engine since at least September of 1999. He's old enough to remember a game called "Attack of the Saiyans", an early OHRRPGCE game starring Dragonball characters and shoddy graphics. Not that Fen's early work was anything to write home about. He spends most of his spare time either working on one of his many OHRRPGCE projects, drawing comics or artwork for various magazines or other fans of his style, and working as a customer service rep for a national office supply company.

Early Career[edit]

Throughout his early career, Fenrir made it a point to produce one game a year, starting with his first "Newbie Game" Legend of Cale, and later Legend of Cale 2, which introduced his most famous video game character Kyle Kitatain. Kyle has shown up in many, if not all of Fenrir's games, usually serving as the main character, or at least as an important NPC. The game which he is most well known for is the OHRRPGCE classic Final Fantasy H, a remake of the original Final Fantasy. This game was released shortly after Castle Paradox was founded, and had at the time of this writing accumulated more downloads than any other game on the website.

Fenrir-Lunaris did not participate in many community activities for most of his early OHR years, instead working on his games - a lost art in this day and age. He first attempted to promote one of his games at the Zantetsuken OHR boards, making only one post before the boards collapsed in on themselves like some kind of neutron star. He secretly blames himself for this event, and has never fully recovered.

Castle Paradox Work[edit]

Fenrir joined the main OHRRPGCE community website, Castle Paradox, in early 2003. During his stay at Castle Paradox, Fenrir-Lunaris gradually developed a reputation as a talented pixel artist, a stark contrast to his days of FFH and previous games where ripped graphics were used. He has hosted the Terrible Game Contest numerous times, and is also well known for his hilarious cartoons poking fun of OHR related silliness, many of which can be found scattered around the community's websites. We highly recommend you view them with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. He is presently a global moderator of the website, and a dedicated moderator of the art forum, but has described his duties as being much like a "janitor" who highlights important threads like contests, announcements, and other important topics he feels are important to game design.

Current Projects[edit]

Fenrir is presently working on a number of OHRRPGCE related projects; among them the comics for the Hamsterspeak magazine, the introductory game Vikings of Midgard, along with a Furry-themed video game he'd rather not speak about, and his long term project Timestream Saga. He may also be working on a contest game at any given moment, but it's usually obvious what he has planned, since he's an egotistical show-off.

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