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Developer(s) Fenrir-Lunaris and Worthy
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Release date July 31, 2005
Genre RPG
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OHRadius was originally developed for the 2004 528 Hour Contest (where it placed 3rd) by Fenrir-Lunaris, with plotscripting done almost entirely by Worthy. The name OHRadius is derived from the OHR namesake, and the "Gradius" series of side-scrolling shooters from which the game was initially conceived. The game itself is moreso a tribute to these types of games than an actual parody, and has been called the "first" side-scrolling shooter for the OHRRPGCE.

Hype Line[edit]


Plot Synopsis[edit]

Since OHRadius is actually two different games, there are two plots.

The initial game consisted of an opening that parodied the opening scenes of the Sega Genesis side-scroller "Zero Wing", with the opening lines delivered by CATS. The game then progresses from level to level with the character piloting a spacecraft fighting strange and unusual bosses, culminating in a fight with DER SLIME, from the online comic series "Der Dragon Warrior". The game ends with a scene showing the game's creator Fenrir-Lunaris and his main playtester Thellos, who delivers a biting criticism over the former's motivations for making the game in the first place.

The second, enhanced remake gives the game a plot, which although short (it is told over no more than a mere 7 textboxes) is sufficient to carry the story. The principal foes are various insectiod monsters, and some of the levels depict this, notably the final level which resembles a beehive.


The game itself has been upgraded, and two differing versions have been created. The first, initial version of the game had a more humorous twist to it, wheras the second later upgrade gave the game a plot to tie it into the Timestream Saga multiverse. The enhanced remake also featured a 'shot eraser' which reset the projectiles, along with all new graphics, and a more stable control system which no longer relied upon the numpad. Virtually all of the new scripting was done by Worthy.

Notable Features and History[edit]

The original beta version of the game consisted of piloting a Voyager space probe through a field of asteroids, and included a modified variant of the publicly availible Zelda-attack plotscript. It is from this beta version that all succeeding versions of the game have been derived from.