How can I allow the player to rename someone before they join their team?

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Sometimes you want to allow the player to name a hero before the hero is added to the team.

What is important to realize here, is that it is impossible to do anything with a hero unless you first add them to the party. In fact the title of the article could be: How can I allow the player to rename someone AS they join their team? but asked the way it is right now, it is clearer for beginners so...

Here is how to do

script, yorgo joins, begin

suspend player
suspend npcs

show text box (131) #so will you come with us? warrior well...
wait for text box
show text box (132) # fine I'll join!
wait for text box

add hero (hero: warrior)
rename hero (hero: warrior) #let the player gives the warrior the name he/she wants

show text box (132) #let's go!
wait for text box

resume player
resme npcs

end #end of the script

Have you noticed ? It is the same method that was used in old Final Fantasy games ^_^ what nice memories!

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