How do I change the walkabout graphic set of an NPC using Plotscripting?

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Well that's rather easy. You need to use the following commands:

 Alter NPC (who,NPCstat:picture,picture number)
 Alter NPC (who,NPCstat:palette,palette number)

Let's take an example. You want Npc 2 to get the picture set number 5 and the palette number 8. Then just write :

 Alter NPC (2,NPCstat:picture,5)
 Alter NPC (2,NPCstat:palette,8)

To prevent yourself from confusing the picture set and the palette (or just keying in bad numbers) I strongly suggest that you always use them in the same order.

Note that it is possible to use npc references instead of ID numbers for alter npc's who argument, but that it alwyas changes all copies of that ID on the map.

Alter npc is very useful and allows you to make (among other things) npcs invisible and to trick the npc limit. The command is both complex and useful so feel free to ask as many questions as needed in the forums so that you are sure you use it the right way.

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