How do I make a hero steal items from the enemy?

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First, create a stealing attack. It doesn't matter whether or not it does any damage. In the attack bitset editor, turn on the "Steal Item" bitset. This will cause the attack to attempt to steal an item from the enemy that it hits.

For each enemy you can set up stealable items. Look in the enemy editor under "Rewards".

You can choose a normal stealable item, and a percentage of how often it can be stolen.

You can also choose a rare stealable item, and a percentage of how often it is stolen if the normal item fails.

For example, if an enemy has 50% normal item, and 50% rare item, that means that when the hero tries to steal, they will get

  • Normal 50%
  • Rare 25%
  • Nothing 25%

As another example, if the normal item is 30% and the rare item is 10%, the hero can steal:

  • Normal 30%
  • Rare 7%
  • Nothing 63%

There is also an option that determines if the hero will only be able to steal once, or if they will be able to steal over and over from the same enemy.

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