How do I make buildings?

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This is a short guide on adding buildings to your maps and letting the player enter them.

See Moving on to Map Construction for instruction on using the map editor, and Making Maptiles for drawing maptiles.

The first thing you need to do is draw the tiles that your house will be composed of. Draw a wall piece, roof pieces (slated or flat or otherwise as you please), a door, and maybe some windows. Later, you can add in more specialised tiles.

Open the map editor and go to your map. Place the maptiles in the shape of a building.

Go to the wallmap editor and make the walls and roof of the building impassible (alternatively, you can set the default passibility of the tiles so that this step is done automatically.) You can let the player walk behind the building by setting the top row of tiles to overhead by pressing 'O'. You might also want to add a positive foot offset in the general map settings, or the heroes will be completely hidden when they do so.

Place a door ontop of your door tile.

Now create the inside of your building. It may be on some unreachable part of the same map, or a different map. Using a different map allows you to use an indoor tileset. Create tiles, map the rooms, and check the wallmap.

Place a door at the entrance. Link this door all the time to the building entrance on the outdoor map. Importantly, then go to your outdoor map and link the door there to the indoor one.