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These OHRRPGCE logos and splash screens are free for you to use in your game if you wish. There's no requirement to show any kind of splash screen in your game showing that you used the OHRRPGCE (however, you do have to include a copy of LICENSE-binary.txt with copies of game.exe/ohrrpgce-game, so people know it's available under the GPL).

If you distribute your game for Android, then there will also be a splash screen shown while loading. You can customise that too.

Anyone can upload more images to the wiki and link to them from this page.

  • The old logo
  • A 50% shrunk (250 × 43) version of the previous, with edges trimmed to be suitable for setting as transparent
  • A smoother logo
  • Currently the default splash screen on Android
  • Shrunk to 25% (240 × 29). By Ichiro
  • By Gaplan
  • Variant by James (current github logo)
  • Just an example

Other splash screens[edit]

  • By Sword, for itch.io game jams
  • By Sword, for itch.io game jams

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