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The Compiler[edit]

  • HSpeak the HamsterSpeak compiler, included with the OHRRPGCE
  • physpeak is a new HamsterSpeak compiler written by Lenny in Python. It doesn't quite support 100% of the language yet. It's available only with the source code.


Any text editor can be used to edit plotscripting script files, as long as it saves in plain-text format, using either Unix or DOS line endings (beware that some editors on Macs use Mac line endings by default). HSS files are just .txt files with an .hss extension. Although using a .hss extension is slightly encouraged, .txt is fine too.

  • Hamster Whisper A Windows/Linux HamsterSpeak editor that aims to replace HssEd

Suggested general-purpose programmer's text editors include:

  • Notepad++ A popular editor for Windows that is great for plotscripting too. (A language definition (UDL) file for HamsterSpeak is available in that article.)
  • TextWrangler For Macintosh. Suitable for plotscripting
  • Sublime Text 3 For Windows, Mac, and Linux. Note: "Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation." You can 'evaluate' Sublime Text for free indefinitely. A language definition file (.sublime-syntax) for HamsterSpeak is available:

Obsolete Editors[edit]

Don't use these. They are listed for interest only.

  • HssEd An old Windows plotscript editor, this used to be recommended
  • Hamster Wrench Unfinished Windows plotscript editor that aimed to replace HssEd (dead)
  • Hamspeak Another old Windows plotscript editor.


  • HS Code Formatter A webpage which performs indentation and syntax highlighting of scripts, very useful for finding missing or extra brackets
  • HS Decompiler Recover script text from very old compiled HS scripts (obsolete/not updated)
  • A simple but incomplete decompiler included in nohrio. Mostly useful for engine developers

Script Libraries[edit]