Hamster Whisper

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Screenshot of Hamster Whisper editing the script file for Vikings of Midgard

Hamster Whisper is a script editor for Plotscripting. It is optional. You can write your plotscripts with any text editor, and compile them with HSPEAK.EXE. Hamster Whisper's main advantage is that it allows you to get easy access to the documentation. Pressing F1 will show you a help screen for whatever command is beneath your cursor.

Hamster Whisper works both on Windows and on Linux


Source Code[edit]

Hamster Whisper is written in Python+PyGTK and the Glade interface builder. The source code is available under the GPL. Download it using Subversion

 svn co https://rpg.hamsterrepublic.com/source/tools/hwhisper hwhisper

Installation Help[edit]

If you still have problems installing or running Hamster Whisper, post a description of your problem on the discussion page. The contents of your C:\Program Files\Hamster Whisper\hwhisper.exe.log file might help (if it exists)

Running On Linux[edit]

I haven't gotten around to building .deb or .rpm packages for this, but you can easily run the source code. Other than python, the only dependencies are pygtk and gtksourceview2. If anybody wants to help me make linux packages, the help would be greatly appreciated.

sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-gtksourceview2

Unsolved bugs[edit]

See Hamster Whisper/bugs for information about known bugs that have not been resolved yet.

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