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TheCube: I just realized this would stop all other scripts from running. That's what I get for doing this entirely on my lunch break! Will fix tonight.

Bob the Hamster: You could use a timer instead of the waits. That would fix it.

TheCube: Thanks, I'm still learning the basics, so I appreciate your help a lot!

TheCube: So, uh, is there any way to make it so that fading in the screen won't make the whole game stop, IE heroes stop walking etc.? At least, I assume that's why they're stopping. I kind of assume not, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

The Mad Cacti: No, other than just modifying the palette every frame and using updatepalette. But screen fading runs at a much higher frame rate than the normal frame rate (18 fps), so it looks completely different.

We'll add non-pausing fading and selectable fade rate at some point. Music and sound effects fading as well.

I wouldn't use fading for lightning flashes anyway. Lightning doesn't look like that!

TheCube: No wonder it looks so awesome, I didn't realize it was running at a different frame rate. Cool.

And yeah, it really doesn't look like that, huh? I haven't seen lightning in a while, but I actually saw some last night and it was a lot...flashier. ha ha. I'll probly change it later.