Supported music formats

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This is a list of supported music formats.

Name Format Type Description First Supported Internals Consistent
OGG Ogg Vorbis Digital Recording Patent-free alternative to MP3 format. Allows high quality or small(er) filesize depending on the compression level you choose ubersetzung Played directly YES
MP3 MPEG Layer 3 Digital Recording The most popular and ubiquitous digital music format ubersetzung Converted to OGG on import (some older versions imported MP3's directly, and those are still played directly) YES
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface Sequence of Musical Notes An old fashioned but popular format. Unlike digital formats, MIDI is not a recording, it is a sequence of notes to be played back with pre-defined instruments. The General MIDI instruments vary depending on your sound card and operating system, so MIDI should be expected to sound slightly different on each different computer you play it on. serendipity Played directly NO
BAM Bob's Adlib Music Sequence of Musical Notes Old format originally designed for extremely small filesize. Most old OHRRPGCE games use this exclusively. Like MIDI, sound quality varies depending on the computer. However, it will nearly always sound worse than the corresponding MIDI. all versions Converted to MIDI when played NO
MOD Amiga Tracker Module Sequence of Musical Notes Formats in the MOD family are sequences of notes, like MIDI, but they include digital samples of recorded instruments, so they are not limited to the pre-defined instruments available to midi. Also, they will always sound the same on any computer. ubersetzung Played Directly YES?
XM Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module YES
IT Impulse Tracker Music Module YES
S3M ScreamTracker v3 Sound File YES

OGG is recommended for best quality and consistency
MIDI is recommended for keeping filesize very small

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