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The Mad Cacti (talk): The Special:Upload strongly advises people not to upload BMPs, but this isn't 1995. Even over dial-up 64KB is not too bad. I would even encourage people to use BMPs for importable graphics for convenience (but use a zip for a collection). I don't know how to change that page though.

Bob the Hamster (talk): Fixed! Those strings are found in Special:AllMessages

Bulk Uploading[edit]

BMR (talk):Hi guys, was just wondering, how do I go about doing a bulk-upload? With the number of sprites/tilemaps/enemies/etc... I'm uploading, it's getting to be a drag to do it one by one. I think I figured it out before, but I can't quite remember. Something to do with a special script in MediaWiki? Or would I need to FTP the files?

Bob the Hamster (talk): I only found one non-abandoned bulk uploading extension. Try Special:UploadWizard and let me know if it works okay.

BMR (talk): Hmm, just gave it a shot but I received an error:

Internal error: Server failed to store temporary file.

Hehe, looks like I'll just have to stick with uploading files one at a time. Oh well, no worries I suppose. Once I get through the rest of my stuff and Fenrir's stuff I don't think I'll have to do any bulk-uploading soon.

The Mad Cacti (talk): By any chance did that extension add the Special:UploadCampaigns page too? I've never noticed that link on Special:SpecialPages before.

Bob the Hamster (talk): Strange. I'll see if I can figure out why it can't create the temporary file. As for the UploadCampaigns, I guess that is part of the Upload Wizard. I found this page explaining it:

Bob the Hamster (talk): After messing with it a little more, I decided to give up and remove the extension. Browsing bug reports on the extension's talk page convinced me.

BMR (talk): There's a way to do it via command-line, but that requires ssh-ing into the server and ftp-ing files to a temp directory. But that may be more trouble than it's worth.

Splitting the Page[edit]

BMR (talk): The page is getting rather long. Would it be a good idea if I went and split it into different pages? A page, say, for sprites, another for tiles, another for attacks, etc... Or is it more convenient to have everything on one page like it is now?

The Mad Cacti (talk): Yeah it's quite a bit to download on a slow connection. Maybe not so great on the server either. Splitting it up by type seems like a decent solution. An alternative would be to split out the larger collections to their own pages, and include a few samples here. Which is actually how I always expected this page to be used (upload a zip and show a few samples).