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The Geek: Added two screenshots, one from CUSTOM and one from GAME.

TMC: In my browser, for some reason the "Lastest Stable Version" had no [edit] besides it, and the section beneath it had two as if the thumbnails somehow broke the alignment

The Geek: What browser are you using? It works fine for me in Firefox 1.5(.0.1). Just a note, the reason I have the code for the screenshots placed just above the "Latest Stable Version" is so that they appear next to the download links. If you put them just below the header, it doesn't look as good. (Well, to me, anyway...)

TMC: Sorry, I should have said that it was broken before I made a change to try and fix it, and it worked. The Edit next to "Latest Nightly Version" is still a little off, which doesn't really matter. I'm on firefox 1.5 too.

Mystic: Will there ever be a list of differences between the latest stable and the latest nightly? I understand there would be a lot, but I'd figure there's a sort of on-going changelog (that eventually becomes the official changelog when a stable release happens) that I just don't know where to find.

TMC: We do put the list of changes in whatsnew.txt :) When it's released, we simply add the release date to the top. It should be included with all nightly builds.

Just thought I'd mention how awesome it is that those sound effects I made are actually part of the default OHRRPGCE package now (that feeling of actually contributing something... doesn't happen too often!) --FnrrfYgmSchnish 04:23, 24 April 2009 (UTC)