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S'orlok Reaves: Just for posterity, and humor:

Comment on May 15th: "I've taken to calling it Oh'r"

James's original comment: "acronyms are the worst thing to happen to the English language since apostrophes"

James Paige: Sorlock, you pronounce FMF as "eff-emm-eff"? What is wrong with "famoof"? :)

S'orlok Reaves: Ah, well it grates my nerves, but there's nothing stopping users pronouncing it however they like. :) The greater crime is mine, for what the acronym actually means.

James Paige: Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Creation Engine Haecity Reduction Remix Project, a: Gratis, Clean-room, Extensible, & Fully Mobile Phramework

...Bonus points for making me look up "Haecity"

S'orlok Reaves: I feel like I captured the "haecity" of acronyms with that one. ;)

Mike C.: Gosh darn it, I have no idea what Haecity means, and Google is useless ;_;

S'orlok Reaves: Understandable; the technical spelling is "heacceity". Most authors prefer the simpler spelling; I guess it is rather unfair to use this, though.

Focaral: "Why don't you like acronimies? Do you fear they might be the first step to a development of some compact neo-language like in Orwell's 1984?"