Why did you pick an acronym that is so hard to pronounce?

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Haha! I did it on purpose! In my opinion, acronyms are the worst thing to happen to the English language since apostrophes! O.H.R.RPG.C.E! Hahaha! Just try and pronounce it! Haha! It cannot be done. You have no choice but to spell it out: Oh-aych-ar-ar-pee-gee-see-ee

And no fair adding imaginary vowels!

Nevertheless, many users insist that it really is possible to pronounce "OHRRPGCE", so if you think you can do it, feel free to add your pronunciation here:

  • a great RPG engine (Ed. Note: That doesn't count!)
  • Or - pa - say (Spanish/Esperanto)
  • Oh-hurp'g-see
  • Ohhyr-repg-gceh (That may be the easiest way possible, and it still breaks your jaw.)
  • (Added by JDowzell on 30/6/05) "Oh, A jar! "Harpy Gee" see? (sorry if its a bit stupid)
  • (Added by someone anonymous) "Ohr-p'g-seh"; where p'g = puhguh, said very quickly. It is critical that you pronounce the p'g as "puhguh", for otherwise, I shall cry and cry. The weeping will become incessant, and I will be forced to liberate the forgotten letter ╞ (pronounced "vluh") from it's secret prison on the island of Kythara. I'm warning you! By the way, I really like your outfit.
  • (Added by Andrusi, who might as well be anonymous) "Orp-gsee" works well. The tricky part is figuring out how to pronounce "gsee".
  • (Added by someone anonymous, Jan. 27, 2006) How about "Uh-rip-puh-jiss"? As far as I know, the 'gce' could also stand for "giss" or "guess".
  • (Added on Jan 28 2006) I pronounce it 'orpse', rhyming with corpse, and choke a little between the rp and se.
  • (Added on March 5 2006) I pronounce it Orphejj. I know it really isn't spelled taht way but if you mix up the letters and squint your eyes a certain way, it feels like a right way to pronounce it.
  • (Added on April 6 2006) I pronounce it as letters just plain old O-H-R-R-P-G-C-E. It may be stupid but I can pronounce it faster that all of yall. Yup...
  • (Added on April 6 2006) "Ohr-peg-see": (Pronounce the "e" in "peg" as a cross between an extremely short e and a u.) Think about it!
  • (Added on May 15 2007) I've taken to calling it Oh'r (pronounced like 'oar' with a kind of pause in the middle) RPG Maker.
  • (Added on July 23 2007) When I saw it for the first time I pronounced it Oh-per-age... Now I just say "Oh-aych-ar".
  • (Added on July 24 aught 7 by S'orlok Reaves) I agree with "Ohr-p'g-seh". By the way, pronounce the letters of "FMF" individually, a la "Ohr-p'g-seh FMF".
  • orf-a-rage
  • (Added on July 27 2007) Oh, Herr Pigsy.
  • Oh Rpg Ce
  • (Added by zakeyus) Orcs rpg
  • (Added by Myroc) Oh-age-arr-arr-pee-gee-see-ee (just as it is spelled, moron)
  • (Added by Dorumagesu) Oh rpg see
  • (Added on January 31 2008 by Rya) I always pronounced it "orphanage" and still do so. And I think it fits.
  • (Added on Oct. 23rd 2008 by mike61290) its sooo simple, the C is silent, like the k is silent in knife ohrrpgce = or~Pehgee
  • (Added on may 19 2010 by reirai) "oar-pu-jee-see-e"
  • (Added on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 by unknown) "Oarp'gik." Pronunciation: Just as it's spelled.
  • (Added by a bored kid on Monday, Oct 18, 2010) "Ohrphage". Pronounced "OAR-fidge". At first glance, that's how the acronym looks like its supposed to be pronounced.
  • (Added by an anonymous 13 year old) Oh-aich-are-are-pee-gee-cee-ee. Like all other acronyms (read: CIA, IRS, FAQ, AYBABTU).
  • (Added on Monday, January 28, 2013 by anonymous 11 year old) Oh-herp-juh-cee. 'oh' for O, 'herp' for HRRP, and 'juh-cee' for GCE.
  • (Added on 2 January 2015) /ˈɔɹpəgsi/ - OR-pəg-see - /ə/ is a schwa, as in comma, about
  • (Added on 12 Nov 2016 by a 46 year old proboscis monkey) Aw, Pigsy - from the character in Monkey (Chinese mythology / 80s TV series / recent film). Just try to pronounce it, mwhahahahahaaaa!
  • (Added on 6 June 2017 by someone who likes alpacas) "oh-rip-gee-see" [bonus points for saying "oh, RIP" like an action movie one liner]