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The OHRRPGCE is developed by a team of contributors. Several of them are programmers with svn commit privileges (which means they can directly make changes to the source code); their SVN username is shown. (The following list is not really sorted.)

Anyone can contribute to the engine, to this wiki and other documentation, or to the community. See Contributing.

Name and Nicknames SVN Commit Contributions Active?
James Paige (Bob the Hamster) james Original author and co-maintainer; the guy to blame for most of the messy code Yes
Ralph Versteegen (TMC) teeemcee Co-maintainer; the guy to blame for most of the over-complex code Yes
Mike Caron pkmnfrk Implemented sound effects, music backends, slices, map layers, RELOAD, a huge amount of other stuff Yes
Simon Bradley (neworiginal, PlayerOne) simonb Ported the OHRRPGCE from QuickBasic to FreeBasic; lots of other stuff Historical
Jay Tennant jay gfx_directx backend, 24-bit graphics code, sprite transforms Historical
Yuriy (Ysoft) yuriy Numerous script commands (especially strings) and bug fixes; ohrgfx tool Historical
David Gowers (NeoTA) kampu nohrio, SCons build scripts, master palette, documentation, tools Historical
Lenny New HamsterSpeak script compiler written in Python ('physpeak') Not Lately
Sword Bugfixing, GUI improvements, MP meters, documentation Yes
Matthias Meike (Wendigo) Tile editor improvements, "textbox text" and code cleanup Not Lately
Fenrir-Lunaris Vikings of Midgard official example game Yes
Ichiro HamsterTools, HamsterWrench and HamsterLib libraries/tools Not Lately
FnrrfYgmSchnish Default sound effects and walkabouts and the popular 8-bit free graphics pack Yes
Mircea Kitsune/Taoki A few textbox & formation options Yes
Adam Perry (Mogri, Moogle1) Battle system features, script commands, scripts (e.g. SS101), Slime Salad admin Not Lately
Spoh Documentation (HOWTO overhaul) Yes
kylekrack Scripts (slice arrays, Pixel-walker), icons, Discord admin Yes
Lakan Inocencio (BMR) Script triggers, free graphics, HOWTO Not Lately
Artimus Bena Much of the music for Vikings of Midgard official example game. Yes
Joe King base64 encoder/decoder N/A
Sorlok reaves OHRRPGCE FMF Historical
John Spann (Inferior Minion) OHR++, Castle Paradox admin Historical
Cameron Wilkin (Camdog) Map paint bucket tool Historical
MultiColoredWizard (MCW) getherospeed Historical
Newbie Newtype Built-in help contributions Historical
Mike Willis (msw188) Built-in help contributions Historical
Reaxor Jones First implementation of smooth scaling Historical
IronHoof Early sprite tool implementations Historical
Brian Fisher Original assembly DOS Mode-X library (allmodex) Historical

And a huge number of other people who have helped out by providing testing and bug reports. Browse the buglist to find their names.

(Developers! Please go ahead and edit your descriptions here!)

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