How do I enter names through strings?

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You can change a hero's name in a plotscript using strings. Here are a few simple examples:

# Change the name of a hero named Vladislaus in CUSTOM to Vlad the Impaler
$0="Vlad the Impaler"
set hero name(0,find hero(hero:Vladislaus))
# Change the name of the leader to Elvis
set hero name(5,find hero(rank in caterpillar(me)))

And here is a more advanced example:

# Prefix "Super" to the name of all four active heroes
for(hero,0,3), do, begin
  $0="Super "
  get hero name(1,hero)
  0 $= 1
  set hero name(0,hero)

Remember that the get hero name and set hero name commands use the position of the hero in the party, not the hero's name or walkabout position.

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