Settings directory

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settings_dir is the location where the engine stores extra files such as config files including ohrrpgce_config.ini, temporary copies of games currently being edited (each running copy of Custom creates its own subdirectory), and extra downloaded files (such as needed to create game packages, except on Windows which uses support/). There is a sub-directory here for every game played, where the gameconfig.ini and persist.reld for that game are saved, as well as the .saves directory if no better writeable location was found.

On Mac and other Unix, settings_dir also doubles as tmpdir, the location for unimportant temporary files including where games are unlumped while they're being played.

  • On Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/OHRRPGCE/
    • Or, for older engine versions, and still used if already existing: $HOME/.ohrrpgce/
  • On other Unix: $HOME/.ohrrpgce/
  • On Windows: %APPDATA%\OHRRPGCE\
    • On Windows 98, OHRRPGCE-settings\ subdirectory next to the .exe
  • On Android: files/settings/ inside the app's private /data directory