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This article or section discusses a brand new feature which is not included in the latest stable version, and may not even be in the next stable version. It can, however, be found in a nightly build, which can be found on the Downloads page. If you wish to discuss this feature, feel free to use the talk page or contact the developers.

(This documents the upcoming ichorescent release. See previous version for the current stable release, hróðvitnir, which acted quite different.)

gameconfig.ini is a text file which contains remembered configuration settings for a game. It'sstored either in settings_dir/<gamename>/, or (with higher preference) next to the <gamename>.rpg file (or <gamename>.rpgdir) with filename <gamename>_config.ini,

The file format and available settings are documented at ohrrpgce_config.ini. See specifically ohrrpgce_config.ini#Always game-specific for the settings that Game actually writes to gameconfig.ini, although you can put others there by editing the file.

The persist.reld RELOAD document is saved alongside gameconfig.ini and is a better place to store more complex structured data.