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This lump contains individual enemy formations (see EFS for formation sets). It is a binary file with records of 40 elements, a total of 80 bytes each.

Formal Specs[edit]

About Formal Specs

Offset Data Meaning
Records start (80 bytes)
Enemy Data x8 enemies, 4 INT each
0-3 is enemy 0, 4-7 is enemy 1, etc
INT(1) Enemy type + 1, 0 if unused
INT(1) Enemy x (range 0-250)
INT(1) Enemy y (range 0-199)
INT(1) Unused
32 INT(1) Background
33 INT(1) Battle music + 1, 0 if none, -1 for same as map
34 INT(1) Background animation frames - 1
35 INT(1) Background animation speed (ticks per frame)
36 INT(1) Victory tag. 0 or 1 for none/unchangeable, 2+ is tag number
37 INT(1) On death action:

-1: continue game
0: game over/death script if any

38 INT(1) Hero Formation
39 INT(1) Unused

References to other lumps[edit]

Field Indicating record in lump:
Enemy type DT1
Background MXS
Battle music (music file)