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This article is about the OHRRPGCE FMF project, which is an alternate implementation of the OHRRPGCE for Java mobile phones. Technical implementation details discussed here should not be confused with those of the RPG format

You may have noticed that GAME doubles every graphic's size, whilst GAME_FMF does not. In fact, this scaling is normally a good thing, since artistic details on the pixel level can disappear to someone who isn't scrutinizing your graphics (i.e., the average player). A mobile phone, however, has a very limiting display; hence, graphics are not doubled in size.

A notable exception to this is the hero's picture in the menu, which is doubled using the [HQ2X] algorithm. This can be done real-time, but this grinds the game to a halt. So, the HERO_X.png lumps are used to store natively the results of the scaling algorithm.

Here's an example of the kind of clarity HQ2X adds:

James Block.png Picture of James, scaled using a naive "nearest neighbor" approach.

James Fixed.png Picture of James scaled with the HQ2X algorithm.

List of Lumps specific to the XRPG format. Other lumps comply with existing .RPG lump specifications.

HEADER.LMP . _FNT.png . .PT4_# . .PT6_# . .HERO_#.png . SEZ . EFX . BFF . FOE . _TIL_#.png . _MXS_#.png . ###.MAP . HRO . ATK . SCRIPTS_#.HF . SCRIPTS.LST