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This article is about the OHRRPGCE FMF project, which is an alternate implementation of the OHRRPGCE for Java mobile phones. Technical implementation details discussed here should not be confused with those of the RPG format

EFX is a simple compression of EFS.

EFX Header[edit]

Data Meaning
BYTE Number of Formation Set records

Formation Set Record[edit]

Data Meaning
BYTE Number of formations (X) in this f. set
BYTE Battle Frequency
BYTE *X Enemy formation (id in FOR.)

NOTE: If the number of formations (X) is zero, the battle frequency is not included.

Also, take care that, although not required, empty formation sets (those with X=0) are trimmed from the end of the lump.

List of Lumps specific to the XRPG format. Other lumps comply with existing .RPG lump specifications.

HEADER.LMP . _FNT.png . .PT4_# . .PT6_# . .HERO_#.png . SEZ . EFX . BFF . FOE . _TIL_#.png . _MXS_#.png . ###.MAP . HRO . ATK . SCRIPTS_#.HF . SCRIPTS.LST