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This article is about the OHRRPGCE FMF project, which is an alternate implementation of the OHRRPGCE for Java mobile phones. Technical implementation details discussed here should not be confused with those of the RPG format

Each .HF file contains one or more scripts. For performance reasons, it is best if the scripts in each .HF file are inter-related and often call each other. The compression algorithm used has yet to be decided; for now, we simply store the scripts as raw Type-B format, with a header.

The Header[edit]

Data Meaning
BYTE Number of scripts in this file
INT Total number of bytes of compressed script data
For each script:
The id of this script
The length of this script (Type B) in bytes.

Following the header is the raw script data; the entire data section is compressed together. For this reason, the interpreter may choose to cache every script in the file when it has to decompress even one of them.

List of Lumps specific to the XRPG format. Other lumps comply with existing .RPG lump specifications.

HEADER.LMP . _FNT.png . .PT4_# . .PT6_# . .HERO_#.png . SEZ . EFX . BFF . FOE . _TIL_#.png . _MXS_#.png . ###.MAP . HRO . ATK . SCRIPTS_#.HF . SCRIPTS.LST